Module 8 - Security Engineering on AWS: Responding to Threats

Unit notes:
AWS Security Incident Response Guide
Incident response
Use indicators of compromise (IOCs)
Security Inciden Response Simulations
Penetration Testing
AWS Security Hub User Guide
AWS Security Hub API Reference
AWS Security Hub Partner Integration Guide
Available AWS service integrations
Insights in AWS Security Hub
Amazon SNS message data protection is now generally available with real-time data redaction and masking
Automated Security Response on AWS
Amazon Inspector
What is Amazon Inspector?
GuardDuty Finding types
Amazon GuardDuty User Guide
AWS Service Integrations with Amazon GuardDuty
User Guide Topic: Working with trusted IP lists and threat lists
GuardDuty HTTPS API Reference
Amazon GuardDuty FAQs
Malware Protection in Amazon GuardDuty
What is Amazon GuardDuty?
Working with trusted IP lists and threat lists in
Sharing threat intelligence just got a lot easier!
GuardDuty suppression rules
How to perform automated incident response in a multi-account environment
Amazon Detective User Guide
Amazon Detective Administrators Guide
Overview of the behavior graph data structure
Source data used in a behavior graph
Amazon Detective API Reference
Automate Amazon EC2 Instance Isolation by Using Tags
Automated Forensics Orchestrator for Amazon EC2
Automated Forensics Orchestrator for Amazon EC2 Implementation Guide
Amazon EventBridge
Amazon EventBridge User Guide

Getting Started with AWS Security, Identity, and Compliance
AWS Security Fundamentals (Second Edition)
Cloud Audit Academy - Cloud Agnostic
Introduction to Amazon Inspector
Getting Started with Amazon GuardDuty
Getting Started with Amazon Detective
Building Event-Driven Applications With Amazon EventBridge
AWS Observability

Getting Hands on with Amazon GuardDuty - AWS Virtual Workshop
Detecting and Remediating Threats to Your AWS Accounts and Workloads with Amazon GuardDuty
AWS re:Inforce 2019: Threat Detection on AWS: An Introduction to Amazon GuardDuty
Integration, Prioritization, and Response with AWS Security Hub - AWS Virtual Workshop
An Overview of AWS Security Hub
The top 7 ways to operationalize AWS Security Hub
Amazon Detective Security Scenario Investigation Walk Through
Using Amazon Detective to improve security investigations
Introducing Amazon Detective
Automating Incident Response and Forensics
Top incident response tips from AWS
Amazon Inspector Overview Demo
Building an event-driven application with Amazon EventBridge
How To Get Started With Amazon EventBridge

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