Module 7 - Security Engineering on AWS: Monitoring and Collecting Logs on AWS

Unit notes:
What is Amazon CloudWatch?
Logging IP traffic using VPC Flow Logs
What Is AWS Config?
Amazon Kinesis Documentation
Use indicators of compromise (IOCs)
Amazon Detective
Amazon Detective Documentation
API Activity Baseline
AWS Config
AWS Config Documentation
Multi-Account Multi-Region Data Aggregation
Supported Resource Types
Indirect Relationships in AWS Config
Example Relationship Queries
AWS Config Managed Rules
AWS Config Custom Rules
Conformance Packs
Conformance Pack Sample Templates
Logging best practices
Operational Best Practices for Logging
Designing and implementing logging and monitoring with Amazon CloudWatch
What is Amazon CloudWatch Logs?
Working with log groups and log streams
Logging IP traffic using VPC Flow Logs
Publish flow logs to CloudWatch Logs
Access logs for your Application Load Balancer
Access logs for your Network Load Balancer
Logging options for Amazon S3
Logging requests using server access logging
Amazon S3 server access log format
AWS CloudTrail
What Is AWS CloudTrail?
Security best practices in AWS CloudTrail
AWS CloudTrail Best Practices Blog
Using Amazon CloudWatch alarms
What is Amazon CloudWatch Events?
Sending Events to Amazon CloudWatch Events
How to Receive Notifications When Your AWS Account’s Root Access Keys are Used
Instance metrics
Creating a composite alarm
Using CloudWatch anomaly detection
Amazon Kinesis
Amazon Kinesis Data Streams
What Is Amazon Kinesis Data Streams?
Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose
What Is Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose?
Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics
What Is Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics for SQL Applications?
Amazon Security Lake
What is Amazon Security Lake?
What is Amazon Athena?
Analyzing Data in S3 using Amazon Athena
Athena Encryption at rest
Query flow logs using Amazon Athena
OpenSearch Documentation
Build a Log Analytics Solution on AWS
Centralized Logging on AWS
Adding custom CloudWatch Logs
What is Traffic Mirroring?
Traffic mirror filters
VPC TrafficMirroring Source Automation Application

Automatically Detect and Mitigate Account Compromise Issues
AWS Security Best Practices: Monitoring and Alerting
AWS Observability
Amazon EC2 Observability, Monitoring, and Troubleshooting
AWS Free Tier: Introduction to Monitoring Services
Security Monitoring
Getting Started with Amazon Detective
Security Governance at Scale – Technical (Digital)
AWS Managed Services (AMS): Security Management Overview
Getting Started with AWS Security, Identity, and Compliance
AWS Security Fundamentals (Second Edition)
Getting Started with AWS Config
AWS Managed Services (AMS): Logging and Monitoring
Introduction to Amazon CloudWatch
Introduction to Amazon CloudWatch Logs Insights
Collecting and Analyzing Logs with Amazon CloudWatch Logs Insights
Build, Secure, and Monitor Networks on AWS
Controlling the Network
Troubleshooting: Amazon CloudWatch
Getting Started with Application Load Balancer
Getting Started with Network Load Balancer
Getting Started with Gateway Load Balancer
Access logs for your Application Load Balancer
Getting Started with AWS CloudTrail
Introduction to Amazon Kinesis Streams
Data Analytics Fundamentals
Introduction to Amazon Kinesis Analytics
Introduction to Amazon Athena
Data Analytics Fundamentals
AWS Network – Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Monitoring AWS CloudTrail Log Data in Amazon CloudWatch
Monitoring and troubleshooting network traffic
Analyze Log Data with CloudWatch Logs Insights
Enforce Compliance with AWS Config
Get More Out of AWS Config by Using Multi-Account, Multi-Region Advanced Queries
Manage Configuration Compliance at Scale Using AWS Config Conformance Packs
Remediate Non-Compliance Using AWS Config Rules and a Custom SSM Document
Deploy AWS Config Conformance Packs Using CloudFormation
Send VPC Flow Log Data to Splunk Using Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose
Demo: Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose to Amazon OpenSearch Service
AWS re:Invent 2020: Top 5 best practices for data streaming with Amazon Kinesis
Cookpad: Security Architecture to Monitor and Analyze Secure Logs using AWS
Security Automation using AWS Management Tools
Essential Security Patterns
Amazon Detective Overview and Demonstration
Amazon Detective Security Scenario Investigation Walk Through
Back to Basics: Using AWS Config and Conformance Packs to Optimize Your AWS Resources
Simplify Custom Rule Creation Using the AWS Config Rule Development Kit
AWS Config Conformance Packs Provide Scores To Help You Track Resource Compliance
 AWS Supports You - Monitoring and Remediating Non-Compliant Resources with AWS Config
Analyze Log Data with CloudWatch Logs Insights
Collect Metrics and Logs from Amazon EC2 instances with the CloudWatch Agent
Learn How to Use VPC Flow Logs and Other AWS Tools
How do I analyze my Amazon S3 server access logs using Amazon Athena?
Monitor AWS CloudTrail Log Data in Amazon CloudWatch
Remediate Non-Compliance Using AWS Config Rules, AWS CloudWatch Events, & AWS Lambda Functions
Monitor Resource Changes with Amazon CloudWatch Events
Continuously Analyze Metrics Using Amazon CloudWatch Anomaly Detection
Introduction to Kinesis Data Firehose
Getting Started with Kinesis Data Streams
How to get started and manage Amazon Security Lake with AWS Organizations
Amazon Security Lake with Amazon Athena and Amazon QuickSight
Data Preparation using Amazon Athena
Demo: Searching with Amazon OpenSearch Serverless
Demo: Improve search results with Amazon OpenSearch Service
Solving with AWS Solutions: Centralized Logging

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