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This is my little page on the Web. Not much but it's mine.

Thomas Cameron (

If you are looking for my presentations from Texas Linuxfest 2024, look here. I sincerely appreciate you coming, I had a blast!

This is the link to the AWX talk (as delivered at SCALE21X) here and the slides are here. I'll update the link when TXLF publishes their videos.

For those of you who saw my AWX presentation at SCALE21X, thank you for coming! I appreciate it! If you have any questions, feel free to email me at the address above! Here's the link to the talk on video here.

If you are looking for my resume, it's below in PDF format:


All my certifications.

My Red Hat certifications.

My LinkedIn

My slides on building Fedora 37 for AWS.

These are my old course notes. They will not be updated now that I'm not working for AWS any more.

Architecting with AWS
Cloud Operations with AWS
Security Engineering with AWS