Resume of Thomas Cameron




Chief Architect, Central US

Red Hat

September 2005 – Present

Senior member of the Enterprise Solutions Architect team in the central region of the United States.


Provide technical consulting with existing and potential Red Hat customers in areas such as cloud technologies including OpenStack IaaS, OpenShift PaaS, CloudForms for hybrid cloud management, core OS (Red Hat Enterprise Linux), Red Hat Cluster Suite and Global Filesystem, Red Hat Network Satellite Server, Red Hat Directory Server, Red Hat Certificate System. Provide best practice, sizing, scoping and deployment expertise in all of the above technologies.


Customer segments include travel, telecommunications, petrochemical, web hosting providers, publishing, chip manufacturing, insurance, computer manufacturing, rail transport, grocery providers and retail stores.


Assistant Vice President, Linux Design and Engineering

Bank of America

September 2003 – April 2005


Provide enterprise design and deployment plans for Red Hat Enterprise  Linux in the third largest bank in the United States. Projects include messaging antivirus and spam filtering relays, web server farms, Linux on the mainframe, development of the standard server configuration (package manifest, filesystem layout and security settings), co-development of the hardening script used to ensure Information Security compliance, setting up Red Hat Satellite and proxy servers, and leading the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2.1 to 3 upgrade project in a very high-pressure, fast-paced environment with little direct supervision. Promoted from system admin to engineering team within 6 months of joining Bank of America, and from engineering to architecture team a year later.


Linux Consultant

Cameron Technical Services, Inc.

August 2001 – September 2003

Owned and operated an IT consultancy specializing in Free/Open Source Software solutions such as Linux, Apache MySQL as well as Microsoft Windows, Sun Solaris and Novell NetWare networks.


Projects included the design and rollout of a Windows 2000 Active Directory structure for the national oil company of Angola, Africa, managing a Solaris network for a software development company, the migration from Windows NT 4.0 and Exchange 5.5 to Windows 2000 with Active Directory and Exchange 2000 at a software development company, the replacement of a Novell NetWare infrastructure with Red Hat Linux for a management company, the design and installation of a Linux network (servers and desktops) for a non-profit organization, the design and deployment of a Windows 2000 network including VPN access for a chain of restaurants and the design and implementation of a Windows 2000 WAN for an engineering



Senior Information Technology Engineering Manager

Dell Financial Services

March 2001 – October 2001

Managed the IT engineering staff. Responsible for the team which designs changes to the network. The DFS network consisted of approximately 200 Windows NT/2000 servers as well as EMC Symmetrix storage arrays, and processed approximately $10 billion in lease information per year. Application base included Oracle, MS Exchange, MS SQL 7/2000, internally developed applications, and the Infolease lease management software package.


Implemented policies and procedures for engineering task management, formalized Engineering project management processes, developed professional education plans for the staff, and provided oversight to all Engineering projects in order to set priorities and schedules to best serve the business.


Unix Team Manager

Connect South

October 2000 – March 2001

Responsible for the team of admins and engineers who administered Unix servers. The infrastructure included Sun Enterprise 4500 and 220R servers connected to EMC Symmetrix storage arrays as well as Intel-based servers running Red Hat Linux. The application base included Oracle databases, Oracle web servers, internally developed customer relationship management software, Internet-facing e-mail, web, ftp, LDAP, and mail applications, network management and monitoring software, and reporting tools.


Improved documentation base, designed and oversaw implementation of trouble-ticketing and knowledgebase systems. Set standards for project management.


Linux Consultant

Team Linux Corporation

April 2000 – October 2000

Senior technologist, overseeing the Southwest Region team of programmers, network administrators and engineers, webmasters. Acted as a manager and as a Tier 3 solution provider for customers ranging from web hosting companies to manufacturing facilities to a bicycle shop.


Lead educator for the national Linux training program. While at Team Linux, wrote and delivered the TurboLinux Certified Trainer program for TurboLinux, Inc., the second largest Linux distribution in the world at the time.


Linux Consultant

Three-Sixteen Technical Services, Inc.

February 1999 – April 2000

Founded and ran an information technology-consulting firm providing multi-vendor (Sun, Microsoft, Red Hat, Novell) system integration services.


Developed and delivered Red Hat Linux administration courses. Customers included Dell Computer Corporation, IBM, U.S. Department of the Treasury, Compaq, and


Services rendered include LAN to Internet connectivity, Open Source Virtual Private Network (VPN) and firewall solutions, NetWare and Windows NT to Linux migrations, Linux and Windows NT integration installation of Linux hosts for web/ftp/mail/dns/nis services, firewall installations, proxy installations, etc.

The company was so successful that after a year of operation a nation-wide Linux service provider, Team Linux Corporation, bought it.


Chief Technical Officer

March 1997 – February 1999

Responsible for the design, installation, administration and security of the start-up e-commerce web site's infrastructure. Internet technologies included Apache and Stronghold on Linux. Internal technologies included Windows NT 4.0.


Initially the company started as a part-time project among friends, becoming full-time with funding in mid 1998.


Technical Trainer

SkillPath Seminars (CompuMaster Division)

April 1998 – October 1998

Taught classes on a contract basis across the United States. Topics included Microsoft Windows NT administration, troubleshooting, and configuration; network administration in a multi-vendor environment (NetWare 3.x/4.x, Windows 95/98, Windows NT); and Windows NT certification preparation.


Tier III Network Engineer

GTE Customer Networks

June 1997 – March 1998

Responsible for the design, maintenance, troubleshooting, and monitoring of various wide-area networks of GTE clients. Sizes range from 2 to 300 sites. Equipment included Cisco 2500 series, 4000 series, 7000 series routers, Catalyst switches, NetWare servers Windows NT servers, Solaris servers, HP-UX servers, firewalls, and various other WAN equipment. Management platforms include SunNet Manager, Cisco Works, Cisco Works for Switched Internetworks, Cisco VLAN Director, Traffic Director, and Bay Networks Optivity.


Network Administrator

Motorola, Inc.

November 1996 – March 1997

Administered two NetWare 3.1x file servers, one NetWare 4.1 server, and a Windows NT 3.51 server, and co-administered the UNIX network (SunOS, Solaris, and Linux). Engineered the migration from a mixed Netware/NT environment to a homogeneous Windows NT 4.0 environment. Co-produced a plan with the UNIX administrator to migrate the services of an older NetWare NFS server to a Sparc Server 1000 using Samba for PC connectivity. Helped design the internal web page for the network support team. Wrote and implemented the plan for network analysis to streamline network protocols in order to reduce network congestion.


Lead Engineer

Microsoft (Contract via UNISYS)

October 1994 – December 1995

One of 5 lead engineers responsible for bringing the Austin Windows 95 Launch Team facility on-line. As lead engineer, primary responsibility was training approximately 450 UNISYS support engineers to Microsoft standards in network interoperability between Microsoft Windows 95 and other network operating systems.


Installed and maintained five Windows NT 3.5x servers, six NetWare 3.12 servers, one NetWare 4.1 server, an MSMail 3.2a MTA and over 450 workstations on Microsoft's corporate WAN for the Windows 95 Launch Team that UNISYS built under the contract to Microsoft Corporation. Acted as Tier III technical support for Windows 95, specializing in networking issues.