Module 1 - Architecting Fundamentals

Unit notes:
Migrating to the cloud
AWS Cloud products
Successful Solution Architects do these five things
"Installing or updating the latest version of the AWS CLI” in the AWS Command Line Interface User Guide
“Getting started with the AWS CDK” in the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) v2 Developer Guide
To find user guides, developer guides, API references, tutorials, and more, see “AWS Documentation”
To learn how AWS secures the data centers, see “Our Data Centers”
To review Availability Zone information, see “Global Infrastructure”
For more information about AWS Regions, see “Regions and Availability Zones”
For more information, see “AWS Local Zones”
“Amazon CloudFront Key Features"
For more information about related labs, see “AWS Well-Architected Labs”
For more information about the AWS WA Tool, see “AWS Well-Architected Tool”
For more information about AWS WA Tool best practices, see “New – AWS Well-Architected Tool – Review Workloads Against Best Practices” in the AWS News Blog
For more information about the AWS Well-Architected Framework pillars, see “AWS Well-Architected”

AWS Main Documentation Site

Why migrate to the Cloud?

Managed Services FAQs

Shared Responsibility Model

Well-Architected Framework
Framework Overview
Operational Excellence Pillar
Security Pillar
Reliability Pillar
Performance Efficiency Pillar
Cost Optimization Pillar
Sustainability Pillar
Well Architected Tool

Global Infrastructure
Data Centers
Products by Region
Local Zones

Installing the CLI
Download CLI
Download PowerShell Tools

Mind Maps
History of AWS
Well Architected Framework
Well Architected Framework Pillars
Cloud Computing

Building Your Hybrid Cloud Strategy with AWS

Leveraging AWS Global Backbone for Data Center Migration and Global Expansion
Building a Self-Service, Secure, & Continually Compliant Environment on AWS
How to Accelerate Your WordPress Site with Amazon CloudFront
Applying the AWS Shared Responsibility Model to your GxP Solution
AWS Well Architected Framework: Best practices for building and deploying an optimized cloud environment

AWS CLI Builder

AWS re:Invent 2018: Behind the Scenes: Exploring the AWS Global Network
AWS re:invent 2018: Foundations of AWS Global Cloud Infrastructure
Maximizing security: Shared responsibility model in 5 minutes
AWS Security Virtual Roadshow 2020: Security Best Practices the Well Architected Way
Are you Well Architected?

Well-Architected Labs Note: While these labs are free, you will need to use your own AWS account for these labs and may incur some charges for resources used by the labs.

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